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Birds supplements doctor Coutteel

Dr. CoutteelDoctor Peter Coutteel graduated at the state university of Ghent in 1983. Peter’s fascination for animals and birds in particular already manifested in his childhood.

From the beginning of his profession as a veterinarian, Peter put his focus on the field of birds. Thanks to his participation in congresses all around the world, his knowledge was not limited only to the most common species. He also knows a great deal about the less familiar feathered friend. Because of his involvement in global congresses, he got a tremendous amount experience which resulted in several scientific publications.

The 15 years, he exclusively treats birds of all kinds in vet center TRIGENIO in Nijlen, Belgium. By giving lectures, he tries to assist bird lovers and owners to guarantee an optimal pursue of their hobby. One of his largest goals is to give the breeder the proper guidance and to stress the interest of a positive collaboration between the breeder and the veterinarian.

A breeder is always required to simulate their bird’s habitat to the best of his ability. This applies to both food and housing… and this goes for all of its aspects.

The philosophy of the line of food closely follows that idea.
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Lecture Dr. Coutteel in Morocco

From 11 - 16 December 2018 the 4th Festival International des Oiseaux took place in Kénitra. During this festival all kind of bird species are exhibited and there are competitions with singing, color and type birds. There are also film competitions and more than 1.000 children are involved in these activities. Peter was allowed to address a large group of interested breeders at the conference related to biodiversity.

66° Campionato Mondiale di Ornitologia Cesena 2018 – 18-21/01/2018

The World Show / Mondiale is the main event of the Confédération Ornithologique Mondiale organized at the end of the ornithological year and in preparation of the new breeding season. Thousands of Breeders and Fanciers of different cultures and languages meet to compare and communicate through the multitude of exposed birds to conquer the prestigious world title. About 36.000 birds are registered for the exposition, a record number until now.

Italy is organizing the 66th World Show in the wonderful setting of the city of Cesena from January 13th to 21st, 2018.

On consultation with the avian vet

A good breeding requires a good preparation, therefore we went to learn a little from Dr. Peter Coutteel, who has over 25 years of experience with the guidance and help of breeders and their birds. We took some birds and had them examined by Dr. Coutteel. “The preparation of the breeding season does not start 6 weeks before the breeding” tells Peter “a bird must be well taken care of throughout the entire year. However, the last 6 to 8 weeks before reproduction are vital to have good breeding results’”. (Published in the magazine “De Witte Spreeuwen" (the White Starlings) of the KBOF, February 2015, Karel Vanderheyden)

Almeria 2017

The 65th edition of the World Bird Show took place in January 2017. Dr. Coutteel was present with an informative boot, also the new Spanish distributor of the Dr. Coutteel products was there with a commercial stand.