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Birds supplements doctor Coutteel

Dr. CoutteelDoctor Peter Coutteel graduated at the state university of Ghent in 1983. Peter’s fascination for animals and birds in particular already manifested in his childhood.

From the beginning of his profession as a veterinarian, Peter put his focus on the field of birds. Thanks to his participation in congresses all around the world, his knowledge was not limited only to the most common species. He also knows a great deal about the less familiar feathered friend. Because of his involvement in global congresses, he got a tremendous amount experience which resulted in several scientific publications.

The 15 years, he exclusively treats birds of all kinds in vet center TRIGENIO in Nijlen, Belgium. By giving lectures, he tries to assist bird lovers and owners to guarantee an optimal pursue of their hobby. One of his largest goals is to give the breeder the proper guidance and to stress the interest of a positive collaboration between the breeder and the veterinarian.

A breeder is always required to simulate their bird’s habitat to the best of his ability. This applies to both food and housing… and this goes for all of its aspects.

The philosophy of the line of food closely follows that idea.
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