Formula against all flagellates

RONELLA treats most diseases caused by flagellates: Trichomonas, Cochlosoma, Hexamita and Giardia.

Before the breeding season and after diagnosing, it can be important to treat these hidden problems.

Canaries and finches are often carrier of these protozoal infections and can show some respiratory and intestinal problems. Youngsters however can quickly stop growing and die of these diseases.


  • Prevention of diarrhea caused by Cochlosoma in exotic birds (Gould amadines, Bengalese finches used as foster parents, …).
  • Prevention of flagellates who can be responsible for nest mortality (canaries and finches).
  • Treatment of diseases caused by flagellates: Trichomonas, Hexamita or Giardia.
  • Eye infections caused by Trichomoniasis (colour canaries receiving coloration).


Oral administration through the drinking water.

  • Dissolve 8 grams (1 levelled measuring spoon) per 2 litres drinking water and administer daily during 8 days.
  • Change medicated water on a daily basis and supply as the sole source of drinking water during the treatment.
  • This product can be combined with T-Plus to broaden the efficacity.


  • Jar 250 g, including measuring spoon (1 scoop = 8 grams).


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