Breeding period


Successful breeding in a few steps!

Breeding period


  • Collect eggs - ring young birds - keep a good record.
  • Provide sufficient soft food and change it several times a day.
  • Cover high energy needs.
  • Control of coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis (Grog New)
  • Tackle problems or diseases in time (Starter Mix, T-Plus, Ronella).
  • Consult an avian vet if required.

Breeding room

  • Check breeding cages, nest and nesting material for presence of bloodsucking mites.
  • Preventively treat new nests against ectoparasites (Mite Powder, Elector, ...)
  • Ensure good hygiene of breeding cages, food and water bowls. (F10)
  • Avoid excessive temperatures and pay attention to good ventilation.
  • Separate young birds in time or use a baby cage.


Through water

    • Friday
    • General condition, muscle enhancing.
    • Saturday
    • Improves the function of the liver and metabolism, promotes the excretion of waste products from colour supplements, contains B vitamins, amino acids and herbs.
    • Optional on Sundays for needy species.
    • Stimulates fertilisation and good oviposition.
    • Replaces the shortage of vitamin A, D3, E and K.
  • BENE-BAC PLUS powder
    • Source of probiotics.
    • Helps digestion and increases resistance.

Through soft food

    • 4 times a week.
    • Unique source of amino acids, minerals, spore elements and calcium for a smooth oviposition and a good calcification of the eggshell.
    • 4 times a week.
    • Contains all amino acids, indispensable for type canaries and heavily feathered birds.
    • Replaces other protein sources.
    • Enhances a fast growth and muscles.
    • Optional.
    • Increases resistance and contains all necessary vitamins for daily addition to self-made soft food.
  • BENE-BAC PLUS powder
    • Source of probiotics.
    • Helps digestion and increases resistance.

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