Amino acid supplement

AMINO-FORT contains 20 amino acids of which the share of Methionine, Choline and Lysine is over 30%.

Each cell needs amino acids to assemble proteins. We know 20 of these building bricks. The body itself can make 12 independently, 8 of them need to come from food. We call these ones “essential amino acids”.

Amino-Fort can be used on a daily basis during breeding and molting.


  • To prevent a shortage of essential amino acids
  • To boost growth and muscle development
  • Needed during the molting
  • Indispensable for heavily feathered breeds
  • Replace other protein sources


  • Dose per feeding: 5 measuring spoons (ca. 20 g) / 1 kg soft food
  • Not soluble in water


  • Powder of 200 g or 1 kg, measuring spoon included