Supplement to support the metabolism and molting.

HEPATO-CHOL contains essential amino acids, vitamins, sorbitol and natural plant extracts.

The liver is an organ where various metabolic processes take place. There are many substances stored here as a reserve, but also a number of waste excreted.

In severe hepatic impairment, the body will pollute itself, which is very serious and can even have fatal consequences.


  • Improves the function of the metabolic rate
  • Helps the excretion of waste
  • Improves the process of growth and muscle development
  • Prevents a shortage of essential amino acids
  • Important supplement during the molting
  • Very useful for birds that get additional dyes


  • Through drinking water
  • Dosage: 10 ml / liter, best twice a week
  • HEPATO-CHOL contains plant extracts and may show a light-fledged sediment. This has no influence on the efficiency of the product. Shake before use.


  • Fluid of 250 ml or 500 ml