Water soluble Calcium with Vitamine D3

Calcium D3 provides a highly absorbable source of calcium and the necessary vitamin D3 to ensure absorption.

Calcium is not only crucial for bone development and the formation of eggshells. It also plays an essential role in transmitting nerve impulses and blood clotting.

Calcium deficiency is common in birds because seeds and grains are inferior in this mineral. Growth problems and possibly bone deformities can result in young birds. 
In adult birds, deficiency is more likely to appear in egg-laying problems, eggshell abnormalities and brittle bones. Convulsions may also occur if fed a one-sided diet.


• Ensures strong bone development.
• Provides good shell formation and smooth egg-laying on a regular basis.
• Prevents egg-binding.
• Promotes proper muscle functioning, essential for competition.
• Supports the nervous system.


•  Mix 10 ml into one litre of drinking water.
 In preparation and during breeding: twice a week.
•  During moulting: once a week.


  • Water soluble fluid.
  • Bottle of 500 ml.
  • Measuring cap included.


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